Roubaix Event Community Notice

Saturday May 26th | Start 8:30am, estimated finish ~ 12:30pm

Event Size: Capped at 275 participants, with staggered start groups split into smaller groups < 50 based on gender and ability level.

Event Sanctioning: Our event is a USA Cycling sanctioned amateur road bicycle race subject to USAC permitting and event rules. USAC officials work at our event to ensure guidelines for a safe event are met. This is unique from any other permitted bike event in Routt county, which are run as ‘unsanctioned’ races with no governing race body.

Colorado State Patrol will assist with traffic control at the intersection with HWY 131 from 8:30AM to 10:30AM.

One aid station will be located at the intersection of CR-33 and 29 with receptacles for trash, a porta-potty, and CPR/first aid services.

NOTICE OF SPECIAL EVENT ON ROADWAY Routt County – Sunday May 26th, 2024

Dear Routt County Resident,

Steamboat Velo is again hosting our spring grassroots bicycle race, which will place cyclists on select roads for a small window of time. We have outlined all of the details below so you are not caught by surprise and know what to expect. No roads will be closed or detoured, there are no ancillary events before or after the event date, and you can expect only minor delays if you encounter cyclists on the road. Additionally this event is capped at 275 participants.

8:30 AM – 9:45 AM on River Road/CR-14 & County Road 35: cyclists will be heading South (away from Steamboat).

9:30am and 11:30am on Twenty mile/CR-33 cyclists will be heading towards town.

Safety and Visibility: You can expect event signs placed on roads in advance of the event and on event day notifying ‘Cyclists Present’ and ‘Bike Event’.. Additionally, Colorado State Patrol will assist with traffic control for the section of HWY 131.

We have been hosting our small bike events since 2009 and always strive to minimize the impact on residents. We are grateful to Routt County residents for their cooperation and if you have concerns please contact either the event director or Routt County Road & Bridge.