Steamboat Velo Group Riding – Terms to Know

Each season VELO leads 100+ group rides with an expectation that everyone participating does their part to keep our rides safe, elevate the camaraderie, and demonstrate to the community we respect other road and trail users. A few ride terms to brush up on –

‘Hero Pull’ – An unsolicited pull on the front that’s unnecessarily long rather than tempering your pace, dropping back through the pace line, and letting others get time on the front.

‘Shootout’ – A surging at the front of the group from one or more riders in an attempt to inflict misery on the rest of the group. Usually unplanned and erratic, sometimes encouraged in designated shootout segments.

‘Tempo’ – A group pace that aims to accommodate the widest range of riders, with some riders going a little easier than they otherwise might and some working a bit harder. Requires paying attention to how others riders are doing in the group and builds Pro group ride technique.

‘Regroup Point’ – Full stop of the ride in order to let others catch up, be social, and communicate your needs. In most cases it’s called out at the start of a ride.

‘Snot rocket’ – Clearing your nose while in front of riders behind you is a sure way to disrupt the camaraderie. Consider dropping to the rear or pulling away from the group first.

‘Single File’ – As in not riding alongside another rider. Departing town via River Road, 20 mile Rd, and Elk River road our rides will always be single file due to the lack of shoulders along with higher levels of traffic. This is not about making room for cars to pass, but instead giving plenty of room on either side to get settled into the paceline and maintaining good optics of a well managed group ride.

+Check out GCN’s etiquette tip video and this fun group ride video from Ted King.

*Review 2024 Rider Responsibility Code*

** Read Group Ride Pro Tips – Pacing**

*In order to keep our rides safe and build camaraderie, Steamboat Velo rides are for members only (no drop in’s please). We strive to foster a team of likeminded riders who are comfortable riding together, rather than offer free  community rides. If you want to join in, shoot us a note first.