Steamboat Roubaix Event Details


36 mile
3 sectors of dirt, ~2200 feet of climbing
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53 mile
4 sectors of dirt, ~3470 feet of climbing
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70 mile
5 sectors of dirt, 4750 feet of climbing
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Race Schedule

Coming soon


New racers will rock the 36 mile course, which is a great opportunity to get your feet wet (and maybe muddy) racing in a group. You will register for either the Novice (cat 5) group, or riders 40 years old and older can select the ‘Masters 40+ 4’.

We suggest pre-riding the course to test your equipment as well as riding in a group before you toe the line. And if you’re new, don’t hesitate to ask us questions. 

They could be pretty rough,  but by late May they are typically on the smooth/hard side with occasional rock here and there. We will post plenty of updates in the month ahead of the race on the road conditions. 

A road or gravel bike with tough ~27mm tires should do the trick, but part of the challenge with Roubaix is reading the conditions leading up to race day and making the call on what will yield the best balance of speed and durability for you. Stay tuned for more conversation on this as we get closer to race day.

You will be on open roads requiring your attention to vehicles and road signage. One aspect that makes Roubaix different from a Gran Fondo is our use of categorized start groups that are accompanied by a moto official and escort follow vehicle, rather than a mass start of all participants. However if you get dropped from your escorted group, please please stay to the right in order to not impede vehicles while also following all ‘rules of road’.

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