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Steamboat Springs Stage Race

Coming again in 2021, #13.

– 2020 Results – 

Junior racer Grace Zanni crushes the stage 1 Time Trial

We have an exciting 20K TT along with 41.5 and 68 mile Road Race courses featuring 6 miles of gradual dirt climbing that will test all of your skills and strength on the bike! This year our top priority will be ensuring the safety of our participants, volunteers and local community through a modified event limited to 175 participants. 

  1. Saturday Sept 5th will use individual starts every 1 minute and require solo riding for the duration of the race. 

  2. Sunday Sept 6th will use physically distanced group starts of 25 riders or less.

  3. Aiming for 100% online registration & online waiver signature.

  4. No Aid Stations, minimal on course support, limited or no awards ceremony, no spectators, basically nothing that would encourage a group to form or work against physical distancing rules. 

  5. Wear mask at all times, and maintain physical distancing outside of active racing. 

  6. Masks are required at all times including traveling to the start, staging at the start, but not during active competition. Riders will need to carry their masks to wear after competition. 

  7. Extra  toilets will be provided along with hand wash stations near start/finish

  8. Participants will be asked to ride to the start areas both days with no set parking area provided and no post event gathering spot.  Park, race, head home.

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Read these questions first

Yes, we are moving forward with a 2 day/2 stage event held Saturday September 5th (TT) and Sunday September 6th (RR), however there are many unknown variables outside our control (see next Q).

Possibly. However we are crafting a Covid-19 mitigation plan that closely follows city, state, and county guidelines for competitive events. We cannot predict how infection rates may trend in the weeks ahead, which unfortunately could mean cancellation if they trend higher. 

We will be working closely up to race day with our county health department, which is currently headed by BRAC racer and multi time SSSR competitor Roberta Smith. If the county or the state require events to have a cap lower than 175 or start waves under 25 at one time then we will cancel. 

Even at 175 racers this event is a loss, but we’re doing it anyway for the sake of our local community and for Colorado racing. By registering you accept that 15% of your $90 entry ($13.5) and your bikereg fees may be non-refundable to help offset event losses. Additionally we ask you work with your lodging company to confirm their cancellation policy as we cannot be held responsible. 

Ultimately our classic downtown criterium wasn’t going to happen as the City of Steamboat Springs Police said they wouldn’t allow it again due to ‘public safety’ long before Covid-19. But in the end that 10+ hour day was always the biggest expense of the event and it’s not feasible with a 175 rider cap. It was a great course for 11 years though!

It’s a super fun gradual climb through a mixed dirt surface requiring good bike handling, strong power, and keen race strategy. It’s not high speed and it’s not dangerous. But if you don’t like riding/racing on dirt, you might consider letting someone else take your spot. Good quality/durable road tires in 25mm or larger are suggested. And we’ll update further on the conditions in this section in the coming weeks. 

Due to the financial nature of this event we are not able to give refunds once you have registered and decide you no longer want to race. However we will work with you to transfer your entry to someone else. 

Even though we’re down to 2 stages, it’s still a stage race – Fastest rider over the TT and the RR combined wins the event. You can race the TT and drop out. You can’t DNF/DNS the TT and start the Road Race. And if you DNF the RR you’re a DNF in GC. 

We will release a complete COVID-19 mitigation protocol shortly, but we expect the follow modifications for our event: 

• Participants are required to wear masks at all times in public areas, during staging, and upon finishing. If you cannot responsibly wear a mask, please do not attend our event.

• To avoid any groups forming outside of racing and minimize risk of spreading Covid-19, there will not be any awards ceremony and on course neutral support will be extremely limited. Riders must come prepared to self-support for both days of racing.

• If you are sick in any way, STAY HOME.

• No spectators allowed near the start/finish at all, zero tolerance.

• Results will be posted online as quickly as possible however no physical results will be posted.

If you refuse to wear a mask please don’t register and do not participate as you will be disqualified. Masks are required at all times including start staging and post finish, basically everything except when actively racing. Please protect our race officials, volunteers, your fellow racers, and the local community by wearing a proper mask. 

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