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Steamboat Velo CC

Let's Ride.

You don’t have to race or be ‘fast’, but please do consider joining us if you’re up for new challenges, riding with good friends, and getting in a little volunteer time.

When you are ready to join, send us an email with quick run down of what kind of riding you enjoy, what you hope to gain by being on our team, and what your goals are for this season. We also welcome you to come ride with us first, then decide if it’s a good fit. 


Alex, Derek, & Eddie charging the mud in Cow Creek.
Club Level
A well done group ride is always a blast.
  1. Receive the Steamboat Velo newsletter and gain access to the Steamboat Velo Slack communication tool. 
  2. Participate in group rides, socials, camps, and receive discounts at our promoted events.
  3. Access to Steamboat Velo apparel, with option to ride in our kit whenever you want.
Team Level
Get in the van, let's race.
  1. You're all in for the group rides, training rides, events, and racing road, mountain, and/or cross for Steamboat Velo.
  2. Receive our newsletter and gain access to the team Slack communication tool with exclusive 'team' only group rides. 
  3. Be eligible for race entry fee reimbursement, partner benefits, and additional support where possible.